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Tips For Caring For Human Hair Wigs

While human hair wigs provide the most natural look, they do require a little more maintenance than synthetic. Because these wigs are typically more expensive, it is important a person is able to learn how to properly care for them so they will last as long as possible and continue to provide them with a beautiful look for years to come. With this information, individuals will understand how to properly care for Natural Wigs so they can get the best results when wearing them.

The first thing a person needs to do before they even begin to wear their wig is to wash it. Washing helps to remove the chemicals that have been used in the manufacturing process. These chemicals can be absorbed through the scalp so it is imperative to thoroughly wash a wig and allow it to air dry on a head form so it will not lose its shape. It is important to use the right shampoo that is made for human hair wigs. It is not a good idea to use traditional shampoo as it can sometimes weigh down the hair and cause it to lose its shine.

It is important to note, human hair wigs must be moisturized on a regular basis. A human head of hair is constantly being moisturized by scalp oils but a human hair wig no long receives this vital moisture so it can easily become dried out and damaged. This does not make for an attractive wig. There are special moisturizers that can be purchased for human hair wigs and these are typically leave-in types. These products should be used according to directions to ensure the right results are achieved.

Ideally, a human hair wig should be washed every two weeks, depending on how often it is worn. It is imperative a wig is stored on a head form at all times while it is not being worn. Once a wig is stretched out of shape, it is very difficult to get a perfect fit again.

These tips will help you to take proper care of your human hair wig. If you are interested in purchasing a new wig, check out the vast selection at

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